Kitchen Demos

by These Filthy Animals

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We recorded this in a kitchen.


released May 16, 2015

Vox, Keys, & Guitar - Zach Reeves
Drums - Justin Sala
Bass - Fuck Dakoda (Trithara)
Mastering by Jack Mocherman



all rights reserved


These Filthy Animals Springfield, Missouri

SPFD 417
DIY Surfer Thrash Funtime Band

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Track Name: BCA
I miss you like I miss my innocence, relentlessly
in a sense you exist to exhaust me

you're a fucking coward, all feelings avoided
our fearless ancestors would be disappointed
looking to ditch quick so you can fuck around
Columbus was a dick but at least he stuck around

I don't think you know I loved you

I don't think you know
fuck you

it's all a fucking wash
I need your 82, full clip
my mind's a fucking garbage bag
penny for your bullshit

Track Name: We're All Filthy
hold it right there, little concierge
I'm gonna count from one to ten
if you're still standing there
I'm gonna fucking ruin you

oh, one. two. ten.

get on your knees
but don't tell me you love me

because we're all just filthy

I fucking swear I am up to no good
Track Name: Girl On The Back Of The Bottle
I'm a bad man
with good characteristics
and I'm a good listener
but only with a drink in my hand

because the girl on the back of the bottle
is the only girl for me

I'm a chivalrous man
but that's only at the start
and I'll hold your hand, girl
but fucking in the bar does not mean 'til death do us part

my resume is perfect
but don't be too confused
I'll put my jacket on that puddle
but, like you, it's being used
my hair is clean
and, fuck me, am I smooth
I'll wear a tux out to the opera
but I'll never marry you
Track Name: Old Man Grown
a man like stone asked me my vocation
with a mouth like a megaphone
in the weirdest tone
of an old man groan
as I thought to myself
man, I don't think anyone understands your tone
or why you held her hand like you're all alone

he's the type of man that has
forever been a sir
no matter who you are
you always want what you once were
sir, I know you're an elephant
though you act like an ass
I can tell from my twenties
you sport the confederate crass

you're ten years older than

I ever want to be
and I never want to be
the guy that's lost
even in his own thoughts
who can't find his car
in a Wal Mart parking lot
Track Name: She Don't
she don't ever tell me nothin'

what's that answering machine for?

oh, Justin
turn off the tv
pick up the whiskey
and let's go

oh, Dakoda
turn off the tv
pick up the whiskey
and let's go down

to the lake

oh, down to the lake